I am insane, obviously.

 Not so much clinically (not today at least), but more like the kind of insane you go when sewing with sequins.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I had just made a pattern for a sleeveless top with a halter neck. I added a little puff of Japanese pleated trim at the neckline and was happy with the result. Happy, that is, until I remembered the fringed sequined fabric I bought last year after discovering the trim I had used to construct the skirts of my mod Shimmy dresses was no longer available at the local trims emporium (I am not exaggerating here, this place is best described as such). An easy adjustment to the pattern and this simple style would be perfect for the shiny go-go dress of my dolly dreams.

I pulled out the sequined fabric. How bad could it be?

Oh, I had my suspicions of how bad it could be, but was blinded by the promise of the ultimate disco-ball dresses.

Sewing with sequins is notoriously tedious. Each sequin has to be removed from the seam allowances and hem one-by-one. Plus, the armholes and back seams would require binding for such a small dress.

I made a silver one, and it was super. I made a gold one and loved it, too. I posted photos of each on Instagram and soon it was clear: the separates collection I was working on would have to wait. It was time for sequins.

I don't think I've ever used quite as much profanity as I did while making these dresses, and I usually swear a lot when I sew (apologies to Bessie, my workhorse of a 1963 Singer Style-O-Matic named for my maternal grandmother).

That antiquated saying, and I paraphrase here, one must suffer for fashion, comes to mind. And indeed, one must suffer for dolly fashion, too.

But I will persevere and finish the lot (12 silver, and 12 gold). I will take my partner up on his offer to sweep up all the errant sequins that litter the rug in the living room where I've sat removing and trimming sequins, sewing snaps night after night.

In the end, the dolls will look fabulous and the memory of the time I decided to make two dozen fringed sequined dolly dresses will fade maybe just enough to do it again.


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